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Sales Manager Akademie Vienna (SMA)  represents a new generation of business schools with innovative and highly relevant programmes which are designed to support career advancements.

The University of Nicosia attracts applicants from all walks of life; all of whom have completed graduation at an institue of higher education (university, or other tertiary institute), or, for CEOs or managers, managerial experience will be evidenced.


The SMA's MBA programme is designed for mid- to senior-level managers with professional experience. The programme focuses on a cross-functional understanding of the  interdependencies among organizations’ components. Successful managers are able to function in all kinds of teams. They need to know how teams operate, how to be a contributing team player, and how to manage high performance teams in many diff erent situations. With our MBA programme you will gain these skills within a short time.


Based on our proven abilities we are both innovative and integrative in the way we deal with management education. Through teamwork, classroom discussions, and individual reflection you will learn new frameworks, skills, and ompetencies that enhance effectiveness in rapidly changing and complex environments.


For academic advancement each part can be completed either in German or in English at every affi liated SMA-MBA-course college or partner university. However, it has to be noted, that Nicosia’s add-on ourses as well as presentations, lectures, discussions and workshops will be conducted in English language only.

The University of Nicosia MBA in cooperation with SMA aims to develop competent, entrepreneurial, internationally oriented, and socially responsible managers who can master tomorrow’s challenges.




Master of Business Administration



Faculty Directors


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Eberhard Garbe
Univ.-Prof. Dr. habil. Dr. rer. pol. Dr. h. c. Peter Linnert
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Walter Sertl



Please find all the details about the MBA-programme  HERE.