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Admission Guidelines


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent:

For mature adults with documented managerial experience of at least three years, a one-year Postgraduate Diploma in Business or Management, may be deemed to be equivalent to a Bachelor degree.


  • Academic background:

Applicants with a non-business background can be admitted into the programme but they may have to take preparatory foundation courses.


  • Work experience:
It is recommended that applicants have previous working experience. Personal qualities such as motivation, character and leadership play a significant role in the admission process.


  • Curriculum vitae:

A detailed resume outlining the applicant’s educational qualifications, record of employment, skills acquired, association memberships, offices held and honours received as well as publications if any.


  • Personal statement:

Is a comprehensive outline highlighting the applicant’s individual competences and strengths and providing his/her reflections regarding the expectations and value of the programme as well as his/her personal advancement and career development.


  • In case you don’t meet the requirements, qualification can be gained by either

– some years of experience on management level;
– attending „Foundation Courses“.